Registration Timeline

Registration is an exciting time for students! We have compiled information to help guide you with your school-specific registration process for the fall semester and to remind you of other important items to keep in mind. 

Registration Timeline - Fall 2023*

Last day to change school/major through the Office of Undergraduate Admission May 15
Course registration opens in CaneLink June 5
First billing notification July 17
Payment due date August 10

*Dates may be subject to change.

Information for the spring term will be posted in mid-October.

Schools & Colleges Registration Process

Each school and college has its own registration process. More specific instructions for the fall semester will be posted in your Applicant Portal in mid-April. 

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  • School of Architecture


    As a first-year Fall incoming architecture student, you will enroll in several general education courses. You will join the Architecture Design sequence in the Fall and attend studio orientation in the Summer before Fall. You may call the Office of Academic Services at 305-284-3731, Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.– 4 p.m. to schedule a meeting with your advisor Matthew Fernandez or by clicking this link 


    1. to read a welcome letter from the program director and review computer and software recommendations. The list of supplies for Design will post in the summer. 
    2. Enroll in the math course corresponding to your SAT or ACT score, per placement guide at If you don’t have the score required to enroll in MTH 130 or higher, you may complete a proctored ALEKS Math Placement Assessment. Visit for more information and to enroll in a session. 
    3. Enroll in WRS 105. 
    4. Schedule Advising Appointment on Navigate to go over enrollment for cognates/non-architecture courses, AP Scores, Dual-Enrollment Credits, and more based on your record.   


    1. Complete your required reading, Experiencing Architecture by Steen Eiler Rasmussen, by the first day of classes. 
    2. Stay tuned for communications for pre-purchasing supply kit. 
    3. Stay tuned for communications about Orientation. 


    Office of Academic Services
    1223 Dickinson Drive
    Coral Gables, FL 33146


  • College of Arts & Sciences


    In the College of Arts & Sciences, we are committed to supporting your intellectual and personal goals from our earliest interactions through to graduation. We believe you will be most successful by taking ownership of your future and education. Our advisors will provide you with information about University and College requirements that will help you plan, select, and register yourself. 

    The College has over 2500 course offerings designed to meet your interests.  Don’t worry if your first class pick is not available, there is something for everybody.  With our level of flexibility there are many requirements you can work on during your first year.  For example, you may consider starting a language, taking a class in your cognate, or exploring an area of interest (e.g. art, economics, global health) that may become a future minor.  

    We are excited to have you as part of our Arts & Sciences ’Cane community where you can design your one-of-a-kind experience. 


    1. Take the ALEKS placement exam (required for Test Optional Admits) and/or send all official transcripts and AP/IB/CLEP scores to the Office of Undergraduate Admission. You will not be able to register for courses which require a pre-requisite, such as WRS 106 or MTH 113, until these credits are posted to your CaneLink. Find more information about the ALEKS exam here. 
    2. Review registration information. Watch our Degree Requirements video here and browse your major requirements here. 
    3. Check your UM email. You will receive an email from an academic advisor in May providing you with opportunities for an advising meeting. This may or may not be your assigned advisor and depending upon your major may be one on one or a group session. Be sure to follow the instructions in this email to attend. During the meeting you and the advisor will discuss your declared major, degree requirements, potential courses, AP/IB/CLEP/ALEKS scores and more.  
    4. After your advising appointment, complete your course registration in CaneLink on June 5.

    Should you need to make any changes to your schedule, please be mindful of the deadlines listed on the Academic Calendar.  



    Student Academic Services, Main Office
    1252 Memorial Drive
    Ashe Building, Room 200
    Coral Gables, FL 33146


  • Miami Herbert Business School


    The Miami Herbert Business School team is eager to welcome you and help you navigate the coming years. You will be assigned a Professional Academic Advisor after you arrive on campus. The registration advisor will guide you during the registration process for the upcoming semester. The registration advisor will send an email to your UM email prior to registration to establish the line of communication. You can stay up to date with items relating to your progress and communication by contacting your registration advisor. 

    Registering for your first semester as a Miami Herbert Business School student is simple because the registration advising team will enroll you in the courses you need.  

    As a first-year student, the advising team will register you in 15-16 credits. A digital Welcome Packet will be shared with you via UM email. This packet provides important information regarding your first-semester schedule and other relevant information.  



    1. Sign-up for the mandatory registration information session.  
    2. Check receipt of the Miami Herbert Business School digital Welcome Packet  
      The Welcome Packet will be emailed to your UM email before the first information session. If you cannot locate it, kindly email 
    3. Verify your Schedule 
      Verify that your schedule is complete per the outlined requirements in the Welcome Packet. Confirm schedule is accurate prior to coming on campus.  
    4. If you have questions you may log into theMiami Herbert Virtual Reception Room, Monday through Friday between 9:30 am and 4:30 pm.  


    1. Sign up  for ‘Cane Kickoff, a week-long welcome that will help you prepare for day-one of classes.  
    2. Send in your final AP, IB, CLEP, GCE, and other scores and your final dual enrollment transcripts to the office of Undergraduate Admission.  



    5202 University Drive Merrick Building, Room 104
    Coral Gables, FL 33146


  • School of Communication


    Choosing your classes allows you to own your story, ask the right questions, and focus on what matters to you. We’ll give you all the information you need to complete the process, but it is up to you to define your passion, understand the requirements, and make your choices. If you have any questions along the way, our department has a dedicated advisor to assist you. 

    Advisors will be available for walk-ins during the first two weeks of the fall semester. After the walk-in period, you can schedule an appointment by contacting your academic advisor. Advising appointments are available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. 


    1. Review the School’s New Student Registration Guide at The guide recommends courses for each major and track and contains information about placement exams.
    2. Register for classes in CaneLink. We recommend enrolling in a total of 15 credit hours.
    3. Once you are registered, inform your advisor:

    Advertising and Public Relations 
    Marilyn Gonzalez 

    Communication Studies, Interactive Media and Cinematic Arts 
    Marie Ferguson 

    Journalism, Broadcast Journalism, Electronic Media, and Media Management 
    Mari Salazar 

    Luis Herrera 

    1. Our academic advisors will review your schedule and contact you with any suggestions or changes, if needed, over the summer.



    At ’Cane Kickoff, you will have the opportunity to meet the dean, get to know your fellow students and talk to your academic advisor about your interests, courses to take, and general education requirements. 


    5100 Brunson Drive
    Wolfson Building, Room 2037
    Coral Gables, FL 33146


  • School of Education and Human Development


    We believe our most successful students own their education—their classes, their opportunities, and their schedule. To that end, we have scheduled a virtual pre-registration orientation on May 4 from 7-7:30 pm ET. We highly recommend that all new students attend this virtual event. If you encounter any difficulties with this link, you may also join the session using the Zoom information provided in your Applicant Portal.

    Beginning May 6, advisors will contact students via their UM emails to schedule advising appointments. These meetings take place throughout the summer and are designed to get to know you, learn a bit about your strengths and aspirations which are subsequently used to craft an academic plan. They will suggest classes and discuss any individual advising needs and concerns. This is the first of several opportunities for first-year students to connect with their academic advisors. There will also be open office/walk-in advising Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. ET for the first two weeks of the semester.   

    The Undergraduate Advising Suite is in the Merrick Building, Room 312 L (third floor).  


    At ’Cane Kickoff, you will have the opportunity to meet your dean, academic advisors, and fellow students.



    5202 University Drive
    Merrick Building, Room 312
    Coral Gables, FL 33146


  • College of Engineering


    Our experienced advisors are instrumental in creating a learning community—a place where our students work together to achieve excellence. 

    As an incoming student in the College of Engineering, you will be placed in the IMPACT (Integrated Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry/Communication Track) Program. Classes are selected by your advisor, and you take all or most of your classes with other engineering students. Our unique registration process brings students together to work through their prerequisite courses and support each other as they transition to college life. 

    Our advisors are available at or at 305-284-3100, Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.– 4 p.m. ET. 

    All advising at this point will be virtual. Your advisors will send you the Zoom link for their virtual advising rooms. 


    1. Review information about the first-year student registration process, including the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment, at 
    2. Fill out the CoE Information Form available at, save it as “yourlastname_firstname” and email it to 
    3. Send your scores electronically. Email any AP, IB, and GCE scores, and/or dual enrollment course credits to 
    4. Arrange for official scores or credits to be sent. AP, IB, or CLEP exam results as well as transcripts from dual enrollment courses must be sent directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admission. 
    5. The Engineering Advising Office will enroll you in your courses once the CoE Information Form and ACT/SAT scores, AP/IB credits, dual enrollment credits, or ALEKS Math Placement scores have been submitted to determine your math placement. Enrollment will be completed as soon as we receive the information.


    At ’Cane Kickoff, you will have the opportunity to meet the dean, speak with academic advisors, and get to know fellow students. 




    1251 Memorial Drive
    Coral Gables, FL 33146


  • Frost School of Music

    As a new student in the Frost School, you must register for courses before orientation. Further instructions, including the Frost Course Registration Guide, will be emailed to you. The Frost Course Registration Guide will walk you through the registration process. If you qualify to place out of a course due to audition results, test scores, or transfer credits, you will have the opportunity to revise your schedule during orientation in August. Each email is personalized, so please enroll only in the courses and sections listed. 


    1. Review the individualized email in late May from with instructions specific to your instrument and degree program. 
    2. Select your courses and enroll. Add the courses and specific sections detailed in your individualized email to your CaneLink Shopping Cart and enroll. 
    3. Advisors in our Undergraduate Studies Office will review your schedule. 
      • Majors in Modern Artist Development and Entrepreneurship (M.A.D.E.), Music Industry, Theory & Composition, Music Engineering, Media Scoring & Production, and B.A. Music will work with Ms. Eva Alonso, 
      • Majors in Instrumental Performance, Keyboard Performance, Vocal Performance, Jazz Instrumental, and Jazz Vocal and Music Therapy: Ms. Natalee Bell,  
      • Majors in Music Education will work with Ms. Eva Alonso, for the summer only. A faculty advisor from the Department of Music Education will be assigned to each student, and they will meet during Frost Orientation. 
    4. Once your schedule is reviewed by your advisor, you will get an email from your assigned advisor either approving your course selections or with changes based on your enrollment email by July 7. There will still be time to update your schedule during and after Frost Orientation. 


    At Frost Orientation, you will have the opportunity to audition for ensembles and complete required theory, skills, and keyboard placement assessments. Classical, contemporary, and jazz keyboard students are exempt from taking the keyboard studies placement exam. You will also have the opportunity to make changes to your fall schedule, if necessary. You can schedule an appointment with your advisor on 



    5499 San Amaro Drive
    Patricia Louise Frost Studios North, Suite 108
    Coral Gables, FL 33146

  • Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric, and Earth Science


    Every semester is an opportunity to own your education, your classes, your schedule, your success—and our school is here to help you along the way. In May, you will receive our registration email. It will include a list of recommended first-semester courses and explain the registration process step by step.

    Please review ALL of the following steps in order to ensure a successful registration process for your first semester:  

    Transfer Credits, AP, IB, Dual Enrollment, CLEP, or Cambridge Pre-U 

    • If you are taking any Dual Enrollment/College-Level Course you MUST save your syllabus for the course in order to start the Equivalency process 
    • If you see “100T” on CaneLink next to one of your transfer courses, you will need to go through the Equivalency Process in order to receive credit. (See Equivalency Process here).  
    • Arrange for official test scores and/or official transcripts to be sent directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. The Rosenstiel Undergraduate Office is unable to process official transcripts and test scores. 
    • Complete the Rosenstiel Academic Reference Survey as soon as possible.  
    • Please let us know if you have any credits or have taken any of the tests listed above and provide us with the score you receive, OR the score that you believe you might receive. DO NOT wait to fill this out until you receive official scores. 
    Math Placement
    • If you are a Test-Optional or International student, you MUST take the ALEKS Placement Assessment unless you have AP, IB, or are transferring college-level credit.  
    • Take the ALEKS Assessment as early as possible. This will ensure that you are enrolled in a math course for the Fall. Classes will begin to fill up early. 
    • It is highly recommended that you take the practice test that opens on June 1st. 
    If you place into MTHO99 or MTH101 after your first proctored ALEKS attempt, you MUST follow the steps below: 
    1. After completing the first attempt, you must complete the ALEKS Prep and Learning Modules 
    2. Once you have finished this, you must then sign up for additional modules created by the math department and complete those as recommended. Stay tuned to your UM email for more information on the Math Department Modules and how to sign up. 
    3. After completing the modules, you will then take the ALEKS for a second time in hopes that you are able to place higher. 
    4. If you place into MTHO99 or MTH101 for the fall semester after your second ALEKS attempt, you will need to take additional summer courses or heavier credit loads to graduate within 4 years. Take advantage of all ALEKS attempts and try to score higher.

    If you applied with test scores and are not satisfied with your placement based on your SAT/ACT scores, you may opt to take the ALEKS Assessment to attempt a higher placement. (Click here for placement based on SAT/ACT scores) 

    If you are a part of one or more of the following student groups, please send an email to so that we may take note: (This may affect the classes that we recommend for your first semester) 

    • International Student, Foote Fellow, Student Athlete, Pre-Vet, or Pre-Med 
    • If you are a student athlete and have access to your Fall 2023 practice schedule, please also include that in the email. 
    Review Registration Information and Recommended Courses: 
    • Review specific information about the school’s New Student Registration process, including the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment and recommended courses for your specific major.  
    All students should use the Schedule Builder on CaneLink to select their courses. 
    • Click the link here for a tutorial on how to use the Schedule Builder  

    Enroll in courses recommended for your major 

    Meet with your Advisor at Orientation: 

    • Your appointment time for advising will be given to you at Orientation. 
    • You will receive our registration email on May 16, 2023 that will include a list of recommended first-semester courses and explain the registration process step by step.   


    At ’Cane Kickoff, you will have the opportunity to meet the dean, speak with academic advisors, and get to know fellow students. Beginning the third week of the semester, advisors will be available to you during their advertised office hours.


    1365 Memorial Drive
    Ungar Building, Room 210
    Coral Gables, FL 33146


  • School of Nursing and Health Science


    Every semester brings you one step closer to graduation and you should own every part of the journey. From registration to graduation planning, we want you to take charge of your education. The process below will help you understand your degree requirements, select your courses, and plan for your academic future. 

    In line with our mission to empower and educate you to take charge of your education, we developed a comprehensive plan to help guide you through the registration process. To begin, we recommend reviewing the steps below where we will teach you about your degree requirements. You will then be directed to complete the Academic Reference Form (ARF) which can help you plan your first semester schedule. There are numerous combinations of courses you can choose from to put together your first semester schedule. It is important you select courses that allow you to pursue your own academic interests as you work through your degree requirements. 


    1. Review our New First-Year and Transfer Student Registrationprocess on our website.  
    2. Complete and submit the Academic Reference Form (ARF) online available at 
    3. Schedule a one-on-one meeting with an Academic Advisor. 
      Note: A separate email will be sent with instructions on how to schedule your advising appointment before your registration begins.  
    4. Register for classes via CaneLink. We recommend enrolling in 15 to 17 credit hours in your first semester.


    Pamela Salemi, Senior Academic Advisor - 

    Laura Gonzalez,  Academic Advisor -  


    At ’Cane Kickoff, you will have the opportunity to meet the Dean, your academic advisors, and your fellow classmates. If you have any questions, please forward them to 



    5030 Brunson Drive
    Schwartz Center, Room 142
    Coral Gables, FL 33146


CaneLink is the University of Miami's online portal for students and faculty. CaneLink is used by students to plan their academic careers, register for classes, view their academic records, and receive communication from the University. Faculty and staff use CaneLink for grade submissions and other student-related functions. Students can use their existing CaneID and password to log in.

Visit for an overview of how to use CaneLink.

Registration Process Using CaneLink

Below are resources to help guide you through the registration process.

Search for Classes Using CaneLink

CaneLink has a robust search engine for classes.

Cognates Program of General Education 

First-year students will complete their General Education Requirements across three areas of knowledge in an exciting format: cognates. Review the cognate concept to better understand the Cognates Program of General Education and how you can explore in-depth, concepts that interest you at the link below.

For more information, visit

Written Communication Skills

Effective writing skills advance ideas efficiently and persuasively, so the expectation is that students become adept at using writing as an effective communication tool. Students fulfill this requirement by satisfactorily completing WRS 105 together with WRS 106 or WRS 107, or the equivalent. Appropriate Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) scores in English composition may be used to satisfy this requirement. Please refer to the Credit Information page to learn more.

An appropriate score on the SAT or ACT examination may earn a student exemption from, but not credit for, WRS 105. 

Students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate effective written communication skills in relation to specific rhetorical tasks.
  • Construct original, well-reasoned arguments using a range of materials.
  • Integrate and synthesize appropriate and relevant primary and secondary sources in their writing.

New students without prior college credit in Written Communication Skills will be placed as follows:

  • WRS 103: ACT English score below 18 or SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing or Critical Reading score below 430, or TOEFL iBT Writing score below 18.
  • WRS 105: ACT English score 18-31 or SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing or Critical Reading score 430-690, or TOEFL iBT Writing score 18 or above.
  • WRS 106 or WRS 107: ACT English score 32 or above or SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing or Critical Reading score 700 or above.

Math Placement 

Visit the Math Placement page to find out how the University determines your math placement for your first semester.

If you are an international student or have been admitted test optional, review the information for the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment.

Change of School & Program Process

Students can change their school and/or major through the Office of Undergraduate Admission until May 15, 2022. If you are interested in changing schools and/or your major, please fill out the form in your Applicant Portal.

AP/IB/CLEP Credits

To have Advanced Placement, College-Level Examination Program, and International Baccalaureate (Level H) examination scores evaluated for University credit request that your scores be sent directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admission from the College Board or your regional IB office.

Please refer to the Credit Information page to learn more.