Transferable Credits

Transfer credit evaluations are only conducted after the student has completed an application and been admitted. Only credits from a regionally accredited institution are transferable to the University of Miami.

Learn how to find your transfer credits in CaneLink with these step-by-step instructions.

At UM, the transfer of credits is a two-part process: 

After the student has been admitted:

  • Transcripts are reviewed on a course-by-course basis.
  • The student will receive a detailed transfer credit evaluation with any possible UM course equivalencies.

After arriving on campus:

  • Students will meet with their academic advisors or departmental deans.
  • Advisors will determine how the transferable credits satisfy degree requirements and approve the course equivalencies.

Credits that will not be accepted:

  • Credits taken at an institution that is not regionally accredited*.
  • Courses with a Grade Lower than C
  • Physical Education, Professional, or Technical Courses
  • The following credits completed through a Two-Year College: Study Abroad, Independent Study or Internships

Credits earned through online coursework must have a grade of C or better and be taken through a regionally accredited institution. Courses that have grades of C- or lower will not transfer; however, these grades will still be used to compute an admission grade point average.

*For information about regionally accredited institutions: