Spring Start

Welcome to the ’Cane Family! The information below was compiled with newly admitted spring students in mind and will help ensure you stay connected, maximize your time in the fall, and make a smooth transition to college.

What to Do in the Fall

Spring students have myriad options for ways to spend their time before enrolling at the University of Miami in the spring. These include study-abroad programs, taking courses as a non-degree-seeking student, gaining work experience, serving the community, and more.

Ellie Perrigo

Communication Studies

"I went abroad for four months to study Spanish, participate in community service, and explore Latin American countries and their culture."

Kaylin Yudice

Global Health Studies
"I did a semester as a non-degree-seeking student at Florida International University before coming to UM in the spring."

Laurel Schmidt

Environmental Engineering & Classics
"Before coming to UM, I worked full time, 40-50 hours per week, at a dog day care."

Academic Opportunities to Pursue in the Fall

In addition to internships, community service, and/or work experience, students can participate in one of the following academic opportunities offered by the University of Miami.

Spring Starters have the opportunity to study alongside other UM spring admitted students on this academic program.

This program is only for Spring Starters who submit their enrollment deposit by May 1, 2024. Space is limited and depositing by the enrollment deadline does not guarantee you will be able to participate in the program.

Spring Starters who enroll in this program will develop bonds, which can lead to an established network of friends before arriving at the University of Miami in the spring.

Once a Spring admit submits their UM enrollment deposit, they can receive the invitation to apply for the Start Abroad in Rome program. The application deadline for the Start Abroad in Rome program is due by 11:59 PM ET on Friday, May 3, 2024. Please review the information on the site or email the Start Abroad Team at startabroad@miami.edu for more information.

The University of Miami's Division of Continuing & International Education (DCIE) is offering University of Miami Spring Start students the opportunity to take online non-degree courses in the fall semester. Online classes being offered during this semester include various levels of Math and Writing courses, and an Introductory Sociology course (MTH, WRS, SOC).

Start Online at DCIE

Spring Start non-degree seeking students are limited to enroll in ten credit hours in the Fall semester. Space is limited and based on individual class capacity. This option is only available for Spring Starters who submit their enrollment deposit deposit by the deadline.

Note, this program is not available to University of Miami spring start students enrolled in the Start Abroad in Rome program.

Once deposited, the deadline to apply for the non-degree fall online course experience is by 11:59 PM ET on June 15, 2024. Spring Starters who enroll in this option agree to acknowledge and adhere to list of terms and conditions. Information and the application to apply for this academic experience will be available in your Applicant Portal after your deposit has been processed.

Additional information is available on the Start Online information page and the DCIE website or you can email the DCIE team at startonline@miami.edu for more information.

What to Look Forward To

The Road to UM kicks off in October. One of the best ways you can prepare for your arrival in January is to check your Applicant Portal often. There, you will find next steps, followed by a designated checklist that gets posted in mid-October. This will help ensure you are completing tasks on time. 

Onboarding email communications and webinars will begin over the summer and continue through fall. 


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  • Why join the University of Miami in the spring?

    You added the University of Miami to your college list for a reason. Becoming a 'Cane in the spring means you will hit the ground running. During the fall, you can take non-degree classes elsewhere, exploring subject areas you may be interested in studying. You can travel domestically or abroad, start an internship, serve a community, or get a job.

    Whatever your plans, you will be joined by fellow Spring Starters who are eager to join a dynamic campus community and make the most out being a 'Cane.

    The Office of Undergraduate Admission will host several virtual events over the coming months to acquaint you with our academic programs and campus life, as well as provide you an opportunity to meet fellow Spring Starters.

  • May I take college courses at another University before I enroll at Miami?

    You might want to earn college credit in the summer and/or fall before enrolling at the University of Miami. You can earn credit in a variety of ways; however, to maximize the possibility that your credit will transfer successfully, we have provided some guidelines for you:

    Earning Credit During the Summer and/or Fall Outside of the University of Miami

    If you want to earn credit at another college or university during the summer and/or fall, please bear in mind we cannot guarantee the credit you earn will transfer to the University of Miami. Before registering, we recommend that you consult our general guidelines for selecting transfer-eligible coursework below.

    Note: You must enroll at another regionally accredited college or university as a non-degree seeking student. If, during the summer or fall semester prior to your enrollment at the University of Miami, you enroll as a degree-seeking student elsewhere, your spring offer of admission will be voided, and your application withdrawn. You will need to reapply for a future entry term as a transfer student.

    Only courses completed at a regionally accredited college or university, with a grade of C or better, will be considered for transfer credit. We do not transfer coursework on a pass/fail grading scale.

    We recommend you consider taking courses in one of the following subject areas, as, historically, they have typically gained approval for transfer credit:

    • Art History
      • General introductory, overview courses likely to transfer
    • Cultural Anthropology
      • General introductory, overview courses likely to transfer
    • Economics (for MHBS)
      • Introduction to Microeconomics (3 credits)* 
      • Introduction to Macroeconomics (3 credits)*
    *Requires departmental approval for equivalency

    Note: Any other business class taken will be accepted only as elective credit toward the overall degree requirements.

    • English Composition
      • Requires departmental approval for equivalency
    • English Literature
      • Requires departmental approval for equivalency
    • Finite Mathematics
      • Requires departmental approval for equivalency
    • General Biology
      • Aim to take a course that offers both lab and lecture
      • Strong option for students intending on pursuing a major in STEM
    • General Chemistry
      • Aim to take a course that offers both lab and lecture
      • Strong option for students intending on pursuing a major in STEM
    • Philosophy
      • General introductory, overview courses likely to transfer
    • Political Science
      • Classes likely to transfer include American Government and Intro to International Relations
    • Precalculus
      • Requires departmental approval for equivalency
    • Psychology
      • General introductory, overview courses likely transfer
    • Sociology
      • General introductory, overview courses likely transfer

  • When will I be able to speak with an academic advisor and register for courses?

    Students will be able to register for courses and speak with their academic advisor beginning in mid-October to November.

    You can also review the Undergraduate Academic Bulletin to view course curriculum requirements and a sample plan of study for your specific major.

  • Will I graduate on time?

    You can! Most students graduate from the University of Miami after completing eight semesters of coursework. To be considered full-time, students must enroll in at least 12 credit hours per semester; however, most students can maintain 15 credit hours per semester and graduate in eight semesters.

    There are several ways to work toward a May graduation:

    • If, prior to your spring enrollment, you opt to take classes in the fall elsewhere and those credits transfer to the University of Miami
    • If you earn college credit for any AP or IB exams you took while in high school. To receive credit equivalencies for AP or IB exams, you must have official score results forwarded directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admission from the College Board or IB office no later than the end of your first semester at the University of Miami.
    • If you earn dual enrollment credits while in high school. To receive credit, you must have an official college transcript sent directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admission no later than the end of your first semester at the University of Miami.

  • Where will I live?

    On-campus housing for spring admitted students is neither required nor guaranteed. You may choose to submit an on-campus housing application beginning on November 1, but no later than November 15.

    For off-campus housing, HRL helps in identifying options by providing a range of web-based resources including a search engine of community listings and information about apartment complex listings via offcampus.miami.edu. The off-campus housing database listings are provided by a contracted third party affiliated with apartments.com and are not inspected or sanctioned directly by University staff. For more information regarding off-campus housing, contact HRL.

  • Are first-year students permitted to purchase a parking permit?

    Any student who lives off campus, regardless of class status, is allowed to purchase a commuter parking permit from Parking & Transportation.

  • How will I get involved in campus life?

    At the beginning of the spring semester, the University of Miami holds a clubs and activities involvement fair for new students. Rest assured there will be plenty of organizations in which to engage as a newly enrolling spring student.

  • Is there an orientation for Spring Starters?

    Yes. There will be a multi-day orientation program in January called 'Cane Kickoff designed to immerse you in campus life and the city of Miami. Orientation is for both domestic and international students and even include programming for families. There will be plenty of opportunities to meet fellow Spring Starters and fellow University of Miami students.

  • Can I join a sorority or fraternity?

    Yes, you may go through recruitment in the spring. However, you must meet certain criteria first.

    • Must have completed a minimum of 12 credit hours of college-level coursework while physically participating in classes on a single campus or university. AP credit, dual enrollment high school programs, and online courses do not meet the requirement.
    • Must have earned a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5.
    • Must be enrolled in a minimum 12 credit hours.

    Please note that sorority or fraternity recruitment is competitive. Not every student who rushes will get into a sorority or fraternity.

  • Can I be reconsidered for fall admission?

    Depending on the number of fall enrollment deposits the University of Miami receives by the May 1 National Candidate Reply Date, the Office of Undergraduate Admission reserves the right to switch a limited number of admission offers from spring to the fall. Please bear in mind that switching admission offers from spring to the fall is unlikely to happen as the Office of Undergraduate Admission projects that it will receive a sufficient number of fall enrollment deposits from the various admission plans, including, if necessary, from the waitlist.

    Your spring admission offer may not be switched to the fall waitlist.

    If you applied Early Decision and were admitted as a Spring Starter, you are released from your binding agreement and have until May 1 to make your enrollment decision.

  • Can I take a gap semester/year as a Spring Starter?

    No. Unfortunately, you may not postpone your enrollment to a future entry term, even if it is for the following spring.

Student Ambassadors


The GPS Team (Guides for Parents and Students) is a group of peer advisors who are eager to help you find your way and successfully start your new life at the University of Miami! They are available to assist in navigating the transition process, provide resources, and answer any questions you may have.