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The Start Abroad in Rome program provides students with a superb opportunity to study in one of Europe's oldest and most exciting cities. This special program is an academic collaboration between the University of Miami and the American University of Rome (AUR), providing you the opportunity to enroll as a full-time college student by attending the University of Miami program based at AUR in the Fall.

Click here to view an information session about the Start Abroad in Rome program. Passcode: 1iQ3#5I# 

About the Program

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  • Start Abroad in Rome

    Prior to the start of your UM career in January, you are invited to participate in the Fall Semester Start Abroad in Rome program at the American University of Rome and earn credits that will transfer directly towards your degree program at UM. The Start Abroad in Rome program is a unique and exciting first-year international experience that reflects the University of Miami’s aspiration to be a global university that transforms lives through education, research, innovation, and service. During the semester in Rome, students will be enriched by the unique cultural and social opportunities they will encounter; moreover, students will fine-tune their interests and skills as they navigate their first semester abroad.

    As a student in our Start Abroad in Rome program, you will:

    • Spend your first semester of university in the heart of Italy: Rome
    • Study at an international American liberal arts university with classes taught in English
    • Earn 13-16 semester credits that will transfer directly to UM
    • Receive advising and guidance support to keep you on track with your degree at UM
    • Experience Italian cultural and language immersion
    • Grow personally, academically and culturally
    • Expand your network and form lifelong friends
    • Live in an Italian neighborhood with guaranteed housing provided by AUR

  • The American University of Rome

    Established in 1969, AUR is a U.S.-accredited (Middle States) liberal arts university located in the heart of Rome, Italy. It is the oldest American degree-granting institution in Rome, Italy, and all programs are taught in English. Attending a U.S. university abroad gives you a familiar academic structure while allowing you to explore cultural differences through your daily experiences in Italy and by attending classes with students from over 60 countries. Taking the best of the American approach to interdisciplinary, student-centered learning, their international faculty and staff use Rome as our classroom and Italy and Europe as invaluable resources.

  • Eligibility

    Spring admitted first-year students will be sent an invitation to apply once they’ve submitted their UM Spring deposit. Applicants must be 18 years of age by the start of the program, September 2, 2024, to be considered eligible for the program. Accepted students must be prepared to surrender their passports between May 31 through mid-July for visa processing. Applicants must seriously consider this policy when choosing to apply for the Start Abroad in Rome program as no exceptions will be made. The date that the passport will be returned to the student will be determined by the Consulate General of Italy in Miami visa processing times.

    Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

  • Timeline

    • May 1, 2024: Submit your $500 nonrefundable enrollment deposit to confirm your enrollment at University of Miami for the Spring 2025 semester
    • May 3, 2024: Start Abroad in Rome applications due by 11:59 p.m. EDT
    • May 6, 2024: Students will be notified of admission to the Start Abroad in Rome program
    • May 31, 2024: Deadline to surrender passport and specified forms, including Italian Visa documents to the Study Abroad Office for visa processing
    • June 30, 2024: Deadline to submit housing application and payment to the American University of Rome (AUR)
    • August 10, 2024 (subject to change): Deadline for payment of UM tuition and Start Abroad in Rome program fee
    • August 25, 2024: Student and parent arrival date in Miami, FL for Start Abroad in Rome orientation and evening reception
    • August 26, 2024: Start Abroad in Rome orientation in Miami and departure to Rome
    • August 27, 2024: Arrival date in Rome
    • August 27 - 31, 2024: Mandatory AUR orientation
    • September 2, 2024: Classes begin
    • December 13, 2024: Program ends and AUR housing check-out


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  • Fall Semester Coursework That Transfers to UM

    During the fall semester at AUR students will enroll in 13-16 college credits in full-time non-degree seeking status and study alongside fellow University of Miami upperclassmen participating in study abroad at AUR (number of students studying on this program varies per semester).

  • Registration

    If admitted, the Study Abroad office will send information about registration and academic advisors to students. During the summer, an advisor will reach out to students about choosing their fall courses and will help them select the courses most compatible with their major and interests.

  • Coursework

    Start Abroad in Rome students are required to enroll in the following class:

    • Elementary Italian I, for which no previous experience with the language is needed. Students will be registered for this course which will be transfers as 3 UM credits. At AUR, this course is 4 credits. 

    Students can select 3 or 4 additional courses from AUR’s course offerings. All courses will be taught by AUR professors and run Monday through Thursday. With the exception of Elementary Italian, all instruction is in English.

    Upon returning to campus, Start Abroad in Rome courses successfully completed with a grade equivalent of a “C” or higher will appear on students’ University of Miami academic records as transfer credit. These courses will return to UM as transfer credits and will not be calculated into the students’ UM Grade Point Average. 

    For more information on courses offered at AUR, please see the AUR Course Offerings & Syllabi. Courses offered in Fall 2024 are subject to change.

  • The Academic Environment at the American University of Rome

    The American University of Rome uses the American grading system, meaning that grade will look similar to those earned in the U.S.

    The overall environment is similar to that of a U.S. college classroom. Faculty and students often have a friendly working relationship when expectations are met on both ends. Classes will be taken with other Start Abroad in Rome students as well as other AUR students. Participation is valued, and required, in most classes.

Attending AUR

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  • Campus

    During your semester abroad, you will notice Rome becoming your campus! Overlooking the historical center, the American University of Rome is located on top of the Janiculum, Rome’s highest hill, offering a spectacular view of Rome and the surrounding Roman pine trees. AUR’s campus is urban and the compound is composed of five nearby buildings. It is also near two city parks, Villa Sciarra and Villa Pamphili, and other historical landmarks. Also, its location allows students to savor Roman living because of its proximity to a variety of restaurants, shops, cafes, and outdoor markets.

    URome Location

  • Housing

    Students will be living in furnished traditional roman apartments surrounding the AUR campus, typically about a 15–25-minute walk or ride on public transit. We describe these apartments as 'embedded' because students will be living in an apartment with other AUR students, while in the same apartment building as Italian families and individuals, enabling you to learn firsthand about how Italians live day to day. 

    Each apartment will have 2-3 rooms and 2-4 students will be assigned per room; each apartment typically houses 4-6 students. An AUR resident advisor (RA) will be assigned to the Start Abroad in Rome group and the RA may share an apartment with the students. Apartments are same-sex.

    Students will receive a packet with greater detail about the housing in Rome, but in the meantime, please visit AUR Housing Website for more information & virtual tours.

    • Wireless internet
    • Land-line phone and PC
    • Bed linens and towels
    • Closet/clothing storage space
    • Cookware and kitchen supplies
    • Washing machine (Italians do not use dryer machines)

    Please reference the examples of typical student accommodation below for an idea of AUR student housing.

    AUR Bedroom     AUR Living Room

    AUR Bathroom     AUR Kitchen

  • Roommates

    Roommate requests are accepted but not guaranteed. Students will only be able to request one student who they would like to room with (will not be able to make requests to fill the entire apartment). Students will be housed with at least one Start Abroad in Rome student (subject to change based on the program’s gender balance).

    Sharing a room/apartment for many college students is a new experience. While Start Abroad in Rome students will be living in AUR housing, the Study Abroad office encourages students to consider the guidance on UM’s Housing and Residential Life website in preparation for this experience.

  • Health Insurance

    Italian law requires all visiting students to obtain mandatory state emergency health coverage for the duration of their studies in Italy. Italian health insurance that meets this requirement will be purchased on behalf of the students by the University of Miami. If you would like more comprehensive insurance coverage, please contact your insurance carrier for information and options on additional coverage abroad.

    The University of Miami preferred study abroad international health insurance provider is Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). For more information on the CISI insurance that will be purchased for Start Abroad in Rome students please review the linked CISI coverage brochure.  

Cost of Attendance

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  • Cost Breakdown

    The approximate cost is $43,459 for the 2024 Fall semester and includes:

    • Tuition - $30,359 paid to UM
    • Program fee - $2,600 paid to UM
    • Housing - $5,000 paid to AUR
    • Estimated out of pocket expenses - $5,500

    Program fee includes:

    • Start Abroad in Rome reception & orientation
    • One night hotel accommodation in Miami for orientation
    • Transportation to the Miami International Airport
    • Round-trip airfare Miami-Rome
    • Italian Health Insurance
    • Visa batch processing assistance and facilitation

    Out of pocket expenses (may) include:

    • Mailing fees for submission of passport and Visa documentation to the UM Study Abroad office
    • Flight to Miami for orientation
    • Extra luggage on flights
    • Meals/grocery costs
    • Visa/Immigration Costs including the Permit to Stay (Permesso di Soggiorno per Studio) and Italian student visa fee

    This includes the cost of tuition for the Fall semester (up to 16 credits), housing in Rome (4-6 students per apartment in the city, payable directly to AUR), and program fees.

    Please note this cost does not include meals as AUR does not have a meal plan option. All student apartments include kitchen facilities and cookware. On average a student can estimate spending $85 per week on groceries.

    The University of Miami Cost of Attendance can be found here.

  • Payment Information

    Once a student is accepted, the Study Abroad Office will provide additional information on how to pay tuition and program fees. Payment instructions for tuition, the program fee, and AUR housing will be provided by the Study Abroad Office as well as in the finances section of the Start Abroad in Rome admission packet.

    All UM billing and payment questions can be answered by UM’s Cane’s Central team. You can find additional information on this department and how to contact them here:

    For information on monthly payment plans at UM, please see the information available on the Office of Student Accounts website:

  • Scholarships and Financial Aid

    Please note that no scholarships or financial assistance will be available for the Start Abroad in Rome Program. Start Abroad in Rome is a University of Miami program, but students will be considered AUR students for the fall semester.

Travel to Rome

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  • Passport

    In order to participate in the Start Abroad in Rome program, students should plan to complete any international travel and submit their US passport before the May 31 deadline. Visa batch processing through UM Study Abroad is mandatory for program participation.

    If your US passport expires before June 13, 2025, please apply for a new passport ASAP.

  • Visa

    All students holding a non-European Union passport are required by law to obtain a student visa before departing from their home country. The Study Abroad Office will batch process Start Abroad in Rome student visas. Students who are admitted to the Start Abroad in Rome program must surrender their passport to the University of Miami between May 31 through mid-July. The date that the passport will be returned to the student is subject to change and is determined by the Consulate General of Italy in Miami visa processing times.

  • Permit to Stay

    Without a valid student visa, students cannot apply to obtain their Permit to Stay. Upon arrival in Rome, all students who are citizens of countries that are not European Union members must obtain a permit to stay in Italy (Permesso di Soggiorno per Studio). This permit is issued by the local police authorities (questura). AUR will provide relevant information and assistance to you upon arrival to secure your permit to stay. The cost is around $200.

  • Arrival/Departure Details

    Students participating in the Start Abroad in Rome program must arrive in Miami on Sunday, August 25 for the Reception (Meet & Greet) and hotel check-in. On Monday, August 26, there will be a full-day orientation for Start Abroad in Rome students. Administrators from UM will accompany the student group on the flight from Miami to Rome on the evening of August 26. The official arrival date at AUR is August 27. Please note the orientation session on Monday, August 26 will be provided only to participating students; however, we are delighted to host participating students, parents and their accompanying guests for the Start Abroad Reception (Meet & Greet) on the evening of Sunday, August 25.

Living in Rome

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  • Location and Time Zone

    As a student in Rome, you will experience the beauty and history of the metropolitan capital of Italy. Rome is known as the Eternal City, as it has remained standing and thriving for over 2,700 years of recorded history. It’s a keepsake of the political, religious, and creative influences of the past. The city is surrounded by several UNESCO World Heritage Sites including the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and the Piazza di Spagna (at the bottom of the Spanish Steps), as well as some of the world's best art museums and enchanting cobblestoned neighborhoods like Trastevere and Prati.

    Rome, Italy, is within the Central European Time Zone (CET), and the time difference between the Eastern Standard Time in the United States is +6 hours.

  • Climate

    Rome experiences a Mediterranean climate consisting of mild winters and warm to hot summers. When you first arrive to Rome in August, you will be grazed by the warm and bright Roman sun. From late September to October, the weather begins to cool, and you can expect a bit of rain. The rainiest months are November and December with a range of 38-63°F.

  • Transportation

    Rome public transportation is easily accessible and consists of buses, trams, metro, and train lines conveniently connecting every corner of Rome. Aside from local train stations, the main train station, Roma Termini, is a great way to travel around Italy and the rest of Europe. Although public transportation is not always reliable and there’s often delays and strikes, it is inexpensive.

    Once in Rome, students may purchase a monthly pass for approximately 35 euros/$38 that resets the first of every month. Students also have the option to take taxis with meters around town, but because Rome is such a beautiful city, many times the best option is to walk between destinations.

  • Money and Banking

    Italy is a part of the eurozone and as such they use the euro as their official currency. Once you arrive in Italy, you'll have access to ATMs called bancomats, to cover your immediate needs. The most popular cards in Italy are Visa and Mastercard, and some places will accept card as a form of payment; however, smaller businesses, some taxis, and local markers still use cash only.

    It is important for students to notify their bank and creditors that they will be studying in Rome prior to their arrival to ensure that the bank does not enact fraud procedures and deactivate or lock a student’s bank cards. Students may also want to check with their bank to see what kinds of foreign transaction fees may apply.


For quick reference, we’ve compiled the answers to our Frequently Asked Questions on the Start Abroad in Rome program. For additional questions, please see our contact information below.


Contact Information

Still have questions? We’re happy to connect with you! Please reach out to us directly at:

The Start Abroad in Rome Program Team
University of Miami Study Abroad Office
P: 305-284-3434

For questions about admission, please contact your assigned admission counselor.