Fall First-Year Road to UM Checklist

Welcome to the ’Cane Family! To ensure a smooth transition to your new life as a Miami Hurricane, the Road to UM checklist is a list of tasks that need to be completed with due dates.

In addition to this quick-reference checklist, we will be providing task details and sharing important information through Road to UM modules, emails, and webinars to connect you to campus before you arrive.

Expand the checklist items below for more information on the tasks. Be sure to check back regularly, follow recommended due dates, and continue to monitor your UM email for important communications.

We can't wait to meet you, go 'Canes!


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  • Immediately: Accept your offer of admission and submit your $500 non refundable enrollment deposit

    In your Applicant Portal, under the Forms section, select “Reply to Spring Admission Offer.” Once you submit the form, the payment due will display on the Applicant Portal.

  • Immediately: Start working on Road to UM, your first UM course

    This graded, online course is located in Blackboard, UM’s student learning portal. It will include seven modules that will guide you through the steps to be completed before your arrival to campus, and three more to be completed in your first semester.

    You will be notified via your UM email once the course becomes available. Keep an eye on your inbox for this!

    You will also receive an email each time a new module is added to the course. Modules will be assigned as they become relevant to your journey on the Road to UM, along with due dates for each. Stay on track and up-to-date to ensure a smooth transition to your first year at UM.

  • Immediately: Register for 'Cane Kickoff Orientation

    All new students must register for and attend ’Cane Kickoff, the mandatory orientation for undergraduate first-year and transfer students. Once you pay your enrollment deposit, you will have access to register through CaneLink.

  • Immediately to May 15: International students in F-1 or J-1 status should submit the required documents for issuance of the Form I-20 (F-1 visa) or Form DS-2019 (J-1 visa)

    Once you deposit, the documents required for issuance will be added as Checklist items in your Applicant Portal.

    To apply, scan and upload the following to your Applicant Portal by May 15:

    - Biographical page of your passport

    - Bank letter/government sponsorship letter or online bank statement (no older than six months) stating the availability of $80,260 U.S. dollars (sample letter)

    - Sponsorship letter from the bank account holder stating that the funds are available to cover your tuition and expenses

    - SEVIS Transfer form, if attending high school or another university in F-1 status

    Visit isss.miami.edu to prepare for your arrival, and for information about travel and entry into the United States.

  • Immediately to June 1: Submit a request for disability accommodations, if applicable

    The deadline to guarantee review of disability accommodations requests for the fall semester is June 1.

    All housing, meals, parking, and Emotional Support Animal (ESA) requests must also be received by June 1. Requests received after this date will be processed for the next term.

    Students with disabilities seeking accommodations must complete an online Accommodation Request Form and submit current and comprehensive documentation of the disability.

  • April 1 to May 12: Complete Road to UM Module 1 - Getting Online at the U

    In Module 1, you will learn how to set up your UM email, Multi-Factor Authentication, and link your account to your mobile device. You will also be introduced to CaneLink, the University’s student portal.

  • April 1 or immediately: Set up UM email and check it daily

    Details, including a screen recording of the process listed below, will be covered in Road to UM Module 1.

    All University information will be sent to your UM email, including registration appointments, financial aid, billing, grades, and student life information.

    1. Set up your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), an additional level of security. If you have not yet been prompted to do so, you will have to set up your MFA authentication in order to access your UM email. To enroll, visit caneid.miami.edu and click “Enroll in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).” If you have trouble setting up your MFA, contact the UM Information Technology (UMIT) Support Center at 305-284-6565 or itsupportcenter@miami.edu.
    2. Set up your UM email. Visit mail.miami.edu and sign in with your Cane ID username and password. Link your UM email account to the email address you use most. 
    3. Link your UM email to your mobile device. For instructions, visit miami.edu/mobileconfig.
    4. Check your UM email every day.

  • April 1 or immediately: Confirm your contact information in CaneLink

    Details are covered in Road to UM Module 1. 

    Keeping your contact information up to date in CaneLink is critical in cases of emergency, extreme weather, and University notifications.

    1. In CaneLink, select Go to Student Center to access your academic records, financial aid, and bill.
    2. Under the Personal Information section, confirm your permanent address, mobile number, and emergency contact information. The emergency contact information provided should be that of a parent, guardian, or responsible family member.

    For a guide on navigating CaneLink, visit canelink.it.miami.edu.

  • April 1 or immediately: Set up proxy access in CaneLink

    Road to UM Module 1 will cover how to set up proxy access.

    You can grant your parent(s) and/or other individuals access to your information in CaneLink. This is called proxy access. You can grant them access to important information about your academics, financials, and/or billing. We recommend that you grant access to anyone who manages your tuition payments. You always control what’s shared and can make changes anytime.

    For more information, visit miami.edu/canelinkproxy.

  • April 1 or immediately: Check for any Holds in CaneLink

    Details and instruction on checking for Holds will be covered in Road to UM Module 1.

    Holds on your CaneLink account may prevent you from registering for classes later in the summer. Check your Holds on CaneLink and submit any pending documents now. Continue to monitor this throughout the summer.

  • April 1 to May 16: Complete Road to UM Module 2 - University Living

    In Module 2 of the Road to UM you will learn all the details about housing and meal plans as well as everything you need to know about being a commuter student at the U.

  • April 1 to May 15 Deadline: Apply for on-campus housing and search for a roommate

    Housing options are reviewed in Road to UM Module 2. Follow along with the tutorial to submit your application and learn more about what to expect.

    We recommend applying as early as possible for housing. Students who apply early receive greater priority for selecting rooms, making room changes, and receiving earlier room selection appointment times for future academic years. After the May 15 deadline, applications are accepted on a space-available basis.

    All nonlocal first-year students are required to live on campus. Local first-year students who plan to live off campus can submit a live-on exemption request invia the On-Campus Housing Portal, which is accessed through CaneLink.

    Once you deposit, you will be emailed login information for CaneLink, the University’s student portal. Access the On-Campus Housing Portal from your CaneLink Student Center homepage. You will be required to pay $500 via credit card as part of the application. The prepayment will be applied to your University student account toward your housing fees.

    A sample housing agreement, an application tutorial, and housing rates for the coming year are available on the housing website.

    Find a roommate

    The housing application includes a section where you can complete a roommate profile by answering a series of questions about your lifestyle preferences, academic and social pursuits, and other roommate-related topics. If you would like to join the roommate search process, you’ll be assigned a username and asked to provide a brief description of yourself. The program then suggests potential roommates based on your responses and mutually confirmed roommates create a roommate group.

    See someone you like? Email them. The deadline to confirm each other as roommates is May 15, but if you have not done so by that date, you can still submit a mutual request to the Department of Housing and Residential Life at housing@miami.edu.

  • April 1 to May 15: Select a meal plan

    Details found in Road to UM Module 2.

    The housing application includes a section where you will select a meal plan. First-year residents must choose between the unlimited meal plan, 19-meal plan, or 14-meal plan. If you do not select one, you will automatically be signed up for the unlimited meal plan.

    Follow the steps in the housing application tutorial to make your selection.

    You will be able to make changes to your plan in CaneLink up to two days before housing opens. Making your selection prior to June 30 will ensure the plan is on your first student account bill.

    Students living off-campus may choose from any of the residential and commuter meal plans. To sign up, email diningservices@miami.edu and provide your full name, student number, and meal plan choice.

  • April 1 to May 15 (recommended): If you choose to live off-campus, apply for a waiver for the first-year residency requirement

    Housing waiver details are reviewed in Road to UM Module 2.

    All first-year students are required to live in University housing for their first two academic semesters. This policy does not apply to first-year students who:

    — have been out of high school for more than one calendar year
    — live with their parents or a legal guardian in Miami-Dade or Broward County
    — are married and/or have dependent children
    — for disciplinary or administrative reasons, are denied the privilege of living on campus

    Learn more about support services for commuter students, including Commuter Assistants, at edu/csi.

  • April 5 to June 21, July 6, or July 12: Commuter students, register for one of the three Great Start Programs

    Details found in Road to UM Module 2.

    Great Start is an exciting program for new students from Miami-Dade and Broward counties who will be commuting to campus. The program is designed to provide insight into commuter life and assist students in building their support network before arriving on campus in the fall.
    Discount prices are available for students who sign up early at miami.edu/greatstart.

    Register to attend one of three sessions offered on the following dates:

    Session 1:

    June 26-27 (in person)

    Registration Deadline: Monday, June 21 at 5 p.m.

    Session 2:

    July 10-11 (virtual)

    Registration Deadline: Tuesday, July 6 at 5 p.m.

    Session 3:

    July 17-18 (in person)

    Registration Deadline: Monday, July 12 at 5 p.m.

  • April 15 to June 15: Complete Road to UM Module 3 - Financial Services

    In Module 3 of the Road to UM course, you will learn all about financial services at UM, including identifying your financial awards, locating financial information in CaneLink, reviewing incomplete documents, and accepting, reducing or declining student loans.

  • April 15 to June 13 (recommended): Complete financial assistance To Do List items in CaneLink

    Road to UM Module 3 will cover how to check your To Do List items in CaneLink.

    The University cannot award financial assistance until all required documentation is received and reviewed by the Office of Student Financial Assistance and Employment (OSFAE). Completing your To Do List items by the recommended due date will help ensure that your bill is accurate.

    Important reminders:

    • Check your UM email often for award notifications or requests for more information from OSFAE.
    • Confirm terms and conditions for financial assistance at miami.edu/terms.
    • Finalize your registration plans before September 1 to avoid disbursement issues due to insufficient enrollment. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits to ensure eligibility for all financial assistance.

    To view your financial aid and accept/decline/reduce loans:

    1. In CaneLink select Go To Student Center and then View Financial Aid.
    2. Select the 2022+ aid year to reach the financial aid student portal. Documents received or requested will be displayed on the home page.
    3. On the home page, click the drop-down menu.
    4. Click Accept Awards to accept/decline/reduce all or any portion of your awards and loan offers. To reduce a loan award, update the amount in the box and click Accept, then Submit.

  • April 15 to June 15 (recommended): Submit outside scholarship award information and/or checks to Office of Student Financial Assistance and Employment

    More information in Road to UM Module 3.

    Outside resources such as outside scholarships and veterans’ benefits must be considered when calculating your eligibility for some need-based aid and, in the case of veterans’ benefits, eligibility for institutional need-based aid. Submitting this information by the recommended due date will ensure your bill is accurate.

    Please submit the Outside Scholarship Documentation Submission Form to the Office of Student Financial Assistance and Employment.

    Checks should be mailed to:

    University of Miami
    P.O. Box 025551, Location 20
    Miami, FL 33102-55551

  • April 15 to June 15 (recommended): If using VA educational benefits, contact the VA Certifying Official

    More information in Road to UM Module 3.

    Veterans or dependents of veterans may be entitled to VA educational benefits under Chapters 30, 31, 33, 35, and 1606. Submitting this information by the recommended due date will ensure your bill is accurate.

    Complete information on submitting enrollment documentation can be found at miami.edu/veteransaffairs. Submit your documents to UM’s Certifying Official at veterans@miami.edu by August 1. You may also contact them at 305-284-2294.

    Veterans benefits may be considered a resource when determining eligibility for need-based institutional assistance. For additional information, contact a financial aid advisor at 305-284-6000.

  • April 15 to June 15 (recommended): If applying for loans, finalize your applications

    Instructions available in Road to UM Module 3.

    For loan options, visit Parent PLUS Loans at studentaid.gov or for private loans visit elmselect.com. Submitting this information by the recommended due date will ensure your bill is accurate.

  • May 15: Deadline to request a major change through the Office of Undergraduate Admission

    Submit the Change of Major Request form available in your Applicant Portal by May 15 to have Undergraduate Admission update your major. Submitting the form does not guarantee your major will be changed. Admission will email you regarding your approval status as soon as possible.

    After May 15, deposited students must contact their school or college directly. See the New Student Registration Timeline for more information.

    If your major is in the Frost School of Music or the School of Architecture and you did not submit standardized test scores, you will not be able to change your major out of your respective school until you have completed one academic year of courses at the University of Miami.

  • May 15 to June 15 (recommended): Commuter students, consider purchasing a campus parking pass

    Applying early gives you access to the most parking options. Check your email throughout the summer for information about parking on campus. Visit miami.edu/parking for parking rates and information on campus shuttles, public transit, carpooling, and UBike.

  • May 20 to June 27: Complete Road to UM Module 4 - Course Registration

    In Road to UM Module 4, you will learn things you need to know before registering. This includes

    • understanding that the registration process is different in each of our nine schools and colleges
    • discovering the value of the Academic Bulletin and when to reference it
    • identifying where to submit high school transcripts, test scores, and UM course equivalencies
    • recognizing the importance of a full-time course load
    • searching and registering for classes

  • May 20 to June 25 deadline: Follow the instructions from your school or college to register for courses by the deadline

    Further details found in Road to UM Module 4.

    Course registration closes on June 25 and you will not be able to make schedule changes without the help from your advisor. Each of the University’s schools and colleges has a specific program of course registration and academic advising.

    Your school or college will email you directly with details about registration and advising. School-specific instructions to register for courses and step-by-step videos on how to register for classes in CaneLink are available at miami.edu/newstudentregister.

  • May 20 to June 25: Deadline to submit your final high school transcript

    Further details found in Road to UM Module 4.

    Send your final high school transcript to the Office of Undergraduate Admission (P.O. Box 249117, Coral Gables, FL 33124) or via email to mydocuments@miami.edu as soon as it becomes available, and no later than June 25. Your admission may be at risk if we do not receive your official final high school transcript.

    For a list of credit equivalencies, visit miami.edu/creditequiv.

    Final high school transcripts do not include IB, AP, or CLEP scores, so watch out for when they are released and request them to be sent directly from the testing agency. For details, visit our Transferring Credits page.

  • May 20 to July 20 (recommended): Submit your dual enrollment course credit, AP/IB scores, official test scores, and complete any course placement or entrance exams required

    Further details found in Road to UM Module 4.

    To ensure that you can enroll in the appropriate class levels, submit your test scores by the recommended deadline, when applicable.

    1. Send your official test scores to the Office of Undergraduate Admission directly from the testing agency. 

      If your test scores were self-reported for admission, your SAT and/or ACT scores need to be verified. Scores should be sent to Undergraduate Admission by the testing agency no later than July 1. You will be unable to fully register for fall classes until your test scores are verified.

      If you opted not to submit test scores for admission review, you do not have to send official test scores.

    2. Submit scores and/or grades for AP, IB, and dual enrollment course credit.

      To have Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) Level HL, and College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) scores evaluated for University credit, have your scores sent directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admission from the College Board, your regional IB office, or previously attended institution(s), respectively, as soon as the scores are available.

      All exam scores must be sent directly from the appropriate testing agency. For College Board (AP and CLEP), the University of Miami’s school code is 5815.

      A minimum grade of a “C” is required for consideration of dual enrollment courses, and no more than 60 credits will be accepted from these programs.

      For a list of credit equivalencies, visit miami.edu/creditequiv.

    3. Complete any course placement or entrance exams and skills assessments required.

      You may need to take tests in language and math to ensure proper course placement. Refer to your specific school or college new student registration pages for requirements and deadlines.

  • July 1 or immediately: If entering the United States on an F-1 or J-1 visa, pay the SEVIS fee and apply for a student visa immediately upon receipt of I-20 or DS-2019

    Prompt attention to these steps will minimize delays with your student visa.

    • Review your I-20 (F-1) or DS-2019 (J-1) form. Contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission at admission@miami.edu if you have any questions.
    • Pay your I-901 SEVIS fee at fmjfee.com. Print the fee receipt as proof of payment and take it with you to your visa appointment and when you travel to the United States.
    • Apply for a student visa to enter the United States (citizens of Canada and Bermuda are exempt). Student visas cannot be obtained in the United States.

    For information on how to apply for an F or J visa, as well as approximate wait times for visa interviews and application processing, visit state.gov.

  • July 8 to August 1: Complete Road to UM Module 5 - Understanding and Paying Your Bill

    In Module 5 of the Road to UM course, you will learn how to review items that could affect your bill, understand different payment methods, and learn how to pay your bill successfully.

  • July 6 to August 1 (recommended): If using Florida Prepaid funds, submit the Authorization Form

    Further details found in Road to UM Module 5.

    To have your Florida Prepaid funds applied to your cost of attendance, submit the authorization form to the Office of Student Account Services at saccounts@miami.edu.

  • July 6 to August 1 (recommended): If your tuition is paid by a third-party sponsor, submit your Financial Guarantee Letter

    Further details in Road to UM Module 5.

    If your tuition is paid by a third-party or government sponsor, you must submit a current Financial Guarantee Letter from the sponsor to osas@miami.edu before the start of each semester, so that your bill is paid by the deadline.

    For more information, visit miami.edu/sponsor.

  • July 15: U.S. citizens, last day to accept or waive University-sponsored health insurance

    Further details found in Road to UM Module 5.

    All full-time students are required to have comprehensive health insurance coverage, whether through the University’s plan or a personal plan.

    U.S. citizens must choose to accept or waive the University plan coverage and fee as soon as possible and no later than July 15. For instructions on how to waive the University plan coverage, visit miami.edu/newstudenthealth.

    For more information, visit the Student Health Center’s page.

  • July 15: Deadline to complete and submit proof of immunizations

    All students are required to complete and present proof of immunization no later than July 15.

    • Visit miami.edu/immunizations to print out the form and have your medical provider complete an immunization compliance form.
    • Log in and enter all immunization information at mystudenthealth.miami.edu for verification.
    • Upload the completed immunization form. If you plan to live on campus, you will also be asked to document that you have received or were informed of the hepatitis and meningococcal meningitis immunizations.

  • July 15 to August 18: Deadline to complete Part 1 of the AlcoholEdu & Sexual Assault Prevention course

    Further details found in Road to UM Module 6.

    All incoming students are required to complete online EverFi courses addressing substance abuse, sexual assault prevention, and diversity topics. Failure to complete any portion of the courses will result in your inability to register for spring courses.

    Course links will be sent to your UM email mid-July. If you do not receive the link, email campusclarity@miami.edu from your UM email address for access. Courses must be completed before you begin Orientation to avoid a registration hold.

    For more information regarding the online course requirement, visit miami.edu/doso.

  • July 22 to August 8: Complete Road to UM Module 6 - Students Rights and Responsibilities

    In Module 6 of the Road to UM course, you will learn about the University’s Honor Code, students’ rights to privacy (FERPA), conduct code, and Alcohol, Drug & Sexual Assault Prevention Education.

  • August 1 (recommended): If entering the United States on an F-1 or J-1 visa, familiarize yourself with U.S. entry procedures

    Prepare for your arrival, including information about travel and entry into the United States. Visit isss.miami.edu for additional information.

    Entering the United States

    When traveling to the United States, carry your original Form I-20 or DS-2019 along with your passport, visa, and I-901 SEVIS fee receipt. Do not put these documents in your checked baggage.

    Present your documents to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer at the U.S. port of entry when you arrive. You may arrive no earlier than 30 days before, and no later than the start date listed on your Form I-20 or DS-2019.

  • August 1 - 17 (recommended): Consider enrolling in direct deposit

    Instructions are found in Road to UM Module 5.

    Have your refunds deposited directly into your checking or savings account. To sign up, select Enroll in Direct Deposit from the drop-down menu under the Finances section in CaneLink. Only U.S. bank accounts can be used for this service.

  • August 3 to August 14: Complete Road to UM Module 7 - Health & Wellness

    In Module 7 of the Road to UM course, you will learn all about the health and wellness resources available to you on campus such as the counseling, health and wellness centers and others.

  • August 12: Deadline to pay your tuition invoice

    Payment options and how to pay your bill are covered in Road to UM Module 5.

    Once you accept or decline your financial aid awards, you can view and pay any remaining balance in CaneLink.

    Failure to pay your tuition by the deadline will interfere with your ability to move into on-campus housing in the fall and may result in the cancellation of your enrollment.

    The Monthly Payment Plan (MPP) option divides your educational expenses— tuition, fees, on-campus housing, and meal plan expenses—into monthly payments during the fall and spring semesters.

    • Participants are billed in equal monthly installments. A nonrefundable 3 percent administration fee is charged and added on to the monthly payments.
    • Payment plan installments are scheduled and automatically deducted each month.
    • Financial aid requirements must be finalized before signing up for the MPP.

    Payment options:

    1. In-person at the Cashier’s Window:
      1307 Stanford Drive Student Services Building, first floor
      Coral Gables, FL 33146
    2. Online via CaneLink:
      eCheck (ACH)
      Credit cards (a service fee is applied)
      —Wire payments
      —International payments
    3. By mail to:
      University of Miami
      P.O. Box 025551
      Location 20
      Miami, FL 33102-5551

  • August 16 to 17: Arrival and move-in open to new students

    When you arrive on campus for 'Cane Kickoff, there are four key things you’ll need to do:

    1. If you'll be living on campus, check in for ’Cane Kickoff on August 16, according to your assigned day and time. Follow the steps sent to you over the summer.

    2. If you’ll be commuting, check in for ’Cane Kickoff on August 17-19 during the times listed on the schedule.

    3. Pick up your ’Cane Card during check-in. Your ’Cane Card is the official on-campus identification card at UM. New students will have their ’Cane Card picture taken and receive it during check-in. All students are required to carry their ’Cane Card for identification purposes while on campus. The ’Cane Card can also be used to:

    • Access buildings, residential areas, the library, and wellness center
    • Borrow books from the library
    • Access athletic events
    • Pay for food at various dining locations on campus

    4. Review all To Do items in CaneLink and/or this Road to UM checklist to ensure there are no outstanding tasks before classes begin.

  • August 17: International students, attend the mandatory International Student Orientation

    International Student Orientation (ISO) is a pre-orientation program sponsored by International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) for new and transfer University of Miami international students. ISO complements 'Cane Kickoff by providing international students with information and experiences that will assist in their transition to living and studying in the U.S.

  • August 18 to 22: Participate in ’Cane Kickoff Orientation

    All new students must attend ’Cane Kickoff, the mandatory orientation for undergraduate first-year and transfer students. 

    For more information, visit miami.edu/orientation.